Vice Chair

Each Vice-Chairperson represents one of the six regions into which the WCO’s Members are

divided. The Vice chair is elected by the member states in the region. The Kingdom of Jordan was elected as the Vice-Chairperson of the MENA region.

The main responsibilities for the Vice Chair of the MENA region are:

  • Attends Policy Commission sessions;
    • VC collects the views of the region prior to the Policy Commission meeting and presents them at the Policy Commission.
    • VC presents the outcome of the Policy Commission in the next regional meeting.
  • Represents the WCO at events or meetings in the region when requested by the WCO;
  • Arranges periodic regional meetings;
  • Promotes the WCO in the region.

The Vice Chair is also tasked with responding to regional needs, though:

  • Consultation with the Secretary General on topics of interest to the region;
  • Discuss topics at regional level and collect opinions before responding;
  • Advises the ROCB and RTCs about the required activities for the region.


The Vice-Chair has a key role in the work of the ROCB and ensuring its regional relevance. This role should be exercised through:

  • Contributing to the overall strategy and annual planning process of the ROCB.
  • Agreeing the annual plan before submission to the Secretariat and the regional Directors
  • Promoting the use of the ROCB by the region.
  • Encouraging regional support for the staffing and funding of the ROCB
  • Assuring the region that the ROCB is meeting the objectives set for it.
  • In close co-operation with the ROCB, coordinating the results reporting and progress reporting in standardized formats to the Secretariat (Capacity Building Directorate) and the Policy Commission.