Who We Are ?

Based on the decision of the Director Generals of the MENA region to establish the Regional Office for Capacity Building for the countries of the region in the United Arab Emirates as part of the strategy for building regional capacity during the 24th meeting held in June 2006 at the headquarters of the organization in Brussels, which was endorsed by the WCO during the 107/108 sessions of the Customs Cooperation Council held in June 2006, the United Arab Emirates was selected to host the Regional Office for Capacity Building.
  • ROCB MENA Strategic Framework:
    • Mission

    ROCB MENA is the hub for the work of customs capacity-building activities in the WCO MENA region. It aims to support the development of customs at a regional level, promote and partner with key stakeholders, and evaluation of capacity-building and training initiatives.

    • Vision

    Bringing training closer to members through the development of regional training expertise and the expansion of the blended learning network.

    • Values

    Collaboration, excellence, dedication, and improvement.

Organizational Structure:


Regional Offices for Capacity Building (ROCB)

The Regional Offices for Capacity Building (ROCB) are the cornerstone of the Region’s approach to capacity building as laid out in its Capacity Building Strategy.

Their mission is to assist member Customs administrations with their capacity building programs at regional level by helping them:

  • identify more accurate capacity building needs and possible solutions;
  • enhance the coordination of capacity building activities with regional members and the WCO Secretariat;
  • monitor projects;
  • improve networking with donor agencies and relevant organizations;
  • use resources more cost-effectively; and
  • coordinate the use and implementation of WCO tools and practices in the Region.